Miles Sampa lacks principles and foresight

Dear Editor,

It is becoming increasingly clear that Matero Member of parliament Miles Sampa is not working with the PF going by his deeds and statements.

It is no wonder the Post newspaper finds him naive to use him as a tool of division.

I thought those schooled by Harvard university will normally have research as well as strong analytical skills but Miles Sampa seems to have forgotten about the elementary issues of analysis and research.

Actually he is lacking what other youth leaders such as GreyFord Monde and Vincent  Mwale possess .

Sampa should realize that his claims to be a good leader are because of the support he enjoys from PF.

But is the party being democratic or tolerant to allow Sampa to use PF structures to create a strong support base for himself? No.

The party is creating a conducive environment for confusion. Sampa ought to be put in his place.

He is following in his brother’s footsteps GBM, by  using money  to buy support. Is the PF leadership scared of Miles Sampa?

They must be frank with him. His activities are but smokescreen. The ulterior motive is to climb to the top at all cost.

The guy is intelligent but blind to the realities of world politics. He relies on the goodwill of people on social media; he does not seem to know that one person has 10 accounts or more under different names.

No wonder HH early this year won all opinion polls on social  media because one person could vote 10 times or more using different accounts.

I urge genuine PF members and sympathizers to stop campaigning for Sampa as the possible running mate, he will divide the party and cause confusion in Government if he happens to win.

He has money but lacks the integrity, principles and consistence. We the citizens of this great nation don’t want to be given a wrong leader. We want another humble but intelligent leader like President Edgar Lungu. I’m sure the PF leadership knows that there were many volunteers who participated in campaign activities to ensure that he was voted into office.

And we are all proud as volunteers that we made a right choice. Let us look at a bigger picture, for me Hon Given Lubinda complements the president’s ideas and plans, they are both not afraid to start new things; they are both intelligent and humble, they are both good listeners, they are both naturally loved by Zambians because of their genuineness at heart.

They both admit their mistakes and assert to their ideals. The two are a perfect match in today’s politics of service.

Given Lubinda will be a suitable running mate to President Edgar Lungu while Miles Sampa still wants to play to the gallery.

I wish to advise him that what he does today will affect his prospects of being a great leader in the future.

A mark of a champion is consistence. Every member of the PF is required to recruit news member where ever they meet people.

We must avoid a rerun. However, let me commend the party mobilisation programme that has been embarked on in the recent weeks.

It is working well especially that it is done away from the media. Let the Rainbow Party of Wynter Kabimba which has a membership that can only fit in a Hiace mini bus do campaigns in the newspapers while we are pounding the ground.

Leave violence to the UPND who have nothing important to do. The PF has the duty to develop the country. Good bless our land.

Enock Chulu,