NATSAVE workers demand sacking of new director

Workers at NATSAVE yesterday protested the reinstatement of three suspended directors, one of whom, Mwila chibiliti has been made Acting Managing Director.

The workers have questioned the wisdom and logic of reinstating suspended Directors while sending the Managing Director who suspended them Caphas Chabu on administrative leave.

The Workers, who gathered at NATSAVE Head Office on Lusaka’s Cairo road, also carried placards with messages denouncing the board of directors which has failed the organisation.

Other directors who the workers demanded to have dismissed are Brian Chanda, Director Risks and Maxwell Saya who is Director Human Resources. The duo were serving their suspension but were ironically recalled before investigations could be concluded.

Government has recapitalized NATSAVE and the bank has been expanding and improving its services and products but the workers said they feared that the battle for supremacy could easily undermine the current financial stability of the bank

NATSAVE workers have been angered that Mr Chibiliti who was suspended for his alleged involvement in financial irregularities has been recalled and fear that the bank which was recently recapitalized by Government could be heading for bankruptcy if the decision by the board to suspend Mr Chabu was not revisited.

Efforts to get Mr Chibiliti failed as his mobile phone was switched off by press time but Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba said Government would soon constitute a board to strengthen the governance of the bank.

Mr Yamba said in a statement yesterday that Mr Chabu had been sent on administrative leave tom facilitate the smooth conduct of investigations by the law enforcement agencies.

And Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) general secretary Chingati Msiska said it was right for the workers to protest as they had to be addressed over the uncertainties of jobs at the bank.

“It is justifiable that the workers should protest over the suspension of managing director Chabu and the reinstatement of Mr Chibiliti who had been suspended for alleged financial irregularities. Mr Chibiliti was company secretary and for all we know, he was suspended while Mr Chanda and Mr Saya were also suspended. It is risky for the workers because the next thing we might hear is that the bank will be closed’ Mr Msiska said.

But Mr Msiska said it was not fair for the workers to be subjected to such conditions in a public institution where all operations should be transparent and just.

‘’ We are wondering why Mr Chibiliti has been reinstated when his case of financial irregularities is still under investigation and no results of that investigation have been given to us, and why has Mr Chabu been suspended without reason? We cannot be subjected to such conditions in a public institution and we demand to be given an answer’’ he said.

He said the union would soon engage the management and Ministry of Finance to seek intervention in the matter.