Tabernacle must be supported

Dear Editor

It will be very sad if the Catholic Church hierarchy of bishops will intimidate well-meaning Catholics from participating in the national Tabernacle and national day of prayer.

As Christians Catholics owe their allegiance to Jesus Christ and not their worldly masters who tend to create rules and obstacles that often prevent them from seeing the truth in its totality.

Perhaps the Catholics who feel strongly about this matter should seek the guidance of the Vatican through the Nuncio because it seems preposterous that the mere mention of Fr. Charles Chilinda as a representative from ZEC seems to have driven the bishops into a panic.

My understanding is that Fr Chilinda, an ordained catholic priest was approached in his own capacity, like many other representatives to bring to the board a Catholic dimension to the House of prayer.

It will be very sad that a national house of prayer will miss a catholic dimension simply because the Bishops want to impose their weight, like they have always done in ecumenical matters.

Lawrence Ziba