Today’s text messages

LAZ pathetic and annoying


Your editorial comment of December 16th hits the nail on the head. For me LAZ has never impressed me, not one bit. One would think the organisation is being led by a family of crooks who think only  those they exploit should be sent to prison and not any from their inner circle even if the evidence of the crime their own has committed is overwhelming. Simply pathetic and very annoying.

Micky Lusaka


Congratulations ZRA


I take my hat off and slute the Director General of ZRA for the resolute and professional manner, he has handled the Post. Many thought the paper was untouchable, but you have shown that all equal in the eyes of the law. If a newspaper, however influential breaks the law by failing to pay taxes, it must be pursued. Never mind the nasty editorial. Do your job.



ZRA investigators must do a

good job at the post


It is very important that ZRA investigators at the Post should do a very thorough job that should result in a prosecution otherwise people will think that the whole exercise was harassment. The fact that a court gave an order  for them to return files and computers should not deter them from doing a good job.