Zambia ready for tourism investment – Kapata

–          Zambia has the potential to woo investors due to its many wonderful tourist attractions, says Minister of Tourism and Arts Ms Jean Kapata.

–          She said areas such as the white beaches of Samfya and the Victoria Falls and many others were features that would attract enough investors to bring foreign exchange in the country.

–          ‘’Zambia has the potential to woo enough investors that would bring enough foreign exchange in the country; look at the white beaches of Samfya, these are some of the areas tourists will be attracted to,’’ she said.

–          The minister said the tourism sector had the potential to improve the country’s economy and help strengthen the value of the Kwacha.

–          She also said if the tourism sector had to be improved a lot of investors would have to settle in the country to help construct hotels and convention centres.

–          Ms Kapata said despite Zambia having countless tourist attractions it lacked hotels and convention centres, hence causing the sector to lag behind.

–          ‘’The tourism sector has the potential to improve the economy but if that is to be achieved we need to have a lot of investors to settle in the country and build facilities where we can accommodate these tourists.

–          ‘‘There are many areas where the country can get a lot of revenue but we cannot get much because we have no hotels that can house visitors there,’’ she explained.

–          The minister said putting up such infrastructure would create a lot of jobs for Zambians which would address the current unemployment. She said many potential investors had shown interest in coming to the country and she encouraged them to seriously consider investing in the tourism sector.

–          ‘’ We are optimistic the setting up of such infrastructure would create a lot of jobs hence addressing the issues of unemployment. We really need the investors and I would like to encourage them to seriously consider investing into our country’s tourism industry,’’ the minister said.

–          Ms Kapata said the Government through her ministry had continued to do as much as they could to ensure the industry was improved.

–          She said the ministry was in talks with Chief Mukuni of Livingstone in fostering the construction of a hotel and convention centre in the tourist town.

–          ‘’People should know that the ministry is doing as much as it can to improve the state of tourism in the country; we have been attending investment forums outside the country which include one we attended earlier on in London, that will give us an insight on how we can attract these investors to come to the country and with the help of Chief Mukuni we plan to open a convention centre in Livingstone,’’ she added.