Finland supports Zambian honey exports

Finland has secured some funds to support Zambian honey producers in exporting honey to international markets, says International Technology Centre (ITC) country representative Ashish Shah.

Mr Shah said ICT was closely working with Finland to contribute to the integration agenda of Zambia and of other COMESA member states.

He explained that one of the examples ICT was working on was through funding assistance from Finland which helped Zambian honey producers address food safety-related challenges to enter export market.

“ITC, through funding assistance from Finland is helping Zambian honey producers dress food safety-related challenges in order to enter export markets in South Africa,” he said.

Mr Shah also said ITC had embarked on a project funded by Department of International Development (DFID) to promote trade and investment between three COMESA member states and China.

He said the ultimate goal of ITC was to help improve the international competitiveness of SMEs and to strengthen trade and investment support institutions in COMESA member states.

Meanwhile, Mr Shah said industrialisation was key to the transformation of all developing countries. He said goal 9 of the sustainable development goals called for significantly raising industry’s share of employment and GDP by 20130.

“More recently, on the 20th of November, Africa celebrated the 21st Africa industrialisation day in Cairo.

These are clear signals that we must continue to emphasise the importance of inclusive and sustainable economic growth through industrial transformation,’’ he said.