Account for Kuomboka contributions, BRE told

“THE Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) should tell us where they have been taking the monies that people and companies contribute towards the hosting of the Kuomboka ceremony now that the event has not taken place in the last three years,” the Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) has demanded.

NRE chairperson David Tamboka told the Daily Nation yesterday that for the past three years, the Kufuluhela fundraising committee has been asking for contributions towards the successful holding of the Kuomboka ceremony but had never given any financial report over where the money had gone after the ceremony failed to take place.

Mr. Tamboka said it was wrong for the Kufuluhela committee to solicit for contributions without telling the people where the previous contributions went.

He said the BRE should come out clear on the issue or people would not contribute for next year’s event if it would be held.

Mr Tamboka said the BRE’s silence on the matter had created room for speculation that monies were being misapplied.

He said the development had the potential to create discontent among organisations and Government departments which had been sponsoring the event in the past as they may be forced to shut their doors.

“For some time now, the committee has been soliciting for contributions for the Kuomboka ceremony but the ceremony has been failing to take place. Even for this year, people contributed towards the same but it was not held.

“To make things worse, no financial report has been given as to how money has been raised over the years because under normal circumstances, the committee should have a lot of money which can help it stage the event without soliciting for more,” Mr. Tamboka said.

“If the BRE does not resolve this issue, they will be surprised because one day, people will just refuse to contribute towards the Kuomboka. This money is not being accounted for because the committee is not being transparent in the manner it is handling finances,” Mr Tamboka said.

The Kuomboka ceremony was last held in 2012.