BRE blasts Tamboka over Kuomboka cash

‘‘WE are not answerable to the Nkoya Royal Establishment (NRE) over the Kuomboka ceremony funds and it is wrong for them to scandalise us because they have never contributed to our ceremonies,’’ the Kuomboka ceremony fundraising committee has charged.

Kuomboka-Kufuluhela chairperson Ireen Muyenga yesterday said it was wrong for the NRE chairperson David Tamboka to claim that those who were contributing towards the Kuomboka ceremony were questioning where the money had gone in the past three years that the ceremony had not taken place.

Ms. Muyenga challenged Mr. Tamboka to name a single company or individual who was owed by the fundraising committee after the ceremony consecutively failed to take place in the last three years.

She said Mr. Tamboka should desist from issuing statements over matters he did not understand because the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) was a respected entity that could never allow the committee to misapply funds for the grand ceremony.

Ms Muyenga said all the funds that had been contributed by institutions had always been returned after the ceremony failed to take place each year.

“You can ask all big organisations which have been contributing to the Kuomboka ceremony such as Zamtel, MTN, Airtel, Zesco, and many others about the same and they will tell you that we have always returned the money when the ceremony failed to take place.

‘‘I would like to meet this same Tamboka man so that he can give me the evidence he has that we have been misapplying the money,” Ms. Muyenga said.

She cautioned the NRE not to drag the reputable BRE and the Kufuluhela committee in his unnecessary fights, saying if Mr. Tamboka had an issue with the BRE or the Kufuluhela committee he should have asked them rather than rushing to the media.

“The NRE has never contributed anything towards the Kuomboka. We have received support from the Nc’wala, Ukusefya Pang’wena and the Lwiindi traditional ceremony committees but the NRE has offered nothing,” Ms. Muyenga said.

She said the only money which the committee spends prior to the event was the one from the fundraising dinner dance which was specifically for logistics ahead of the event. “Our preparations for the ceremony start way before the actual day. We hold the dinner dance sometime in February and whatever we get goes to preliminary preparations such as painting the boat, mounting the elephant on the boat and paying those who clear the canal from Lealui to Limulunga,” she said.

She said she expected Mr. Tamboka to apologise for bringing the name of the BRE into disrepute by misleading the nation over issues he did not understand.