ERB inviting fuel demos

Either the people at our Energy Regulation Board (ERB) want to take Zambians for a ride or are just an ineffectual team which only resorts to fuel price hikes when it has nothing else to do.

I mean fuel prices on the international market have fallen to their lowest since 2009 and are now standing at US36.40 a barrel, but in Zambia that is when some shrewd fellows at ERB are seriously thinking of hiking prices. Just why should they do so?

Someone should end this psychosis at ERB. As a matter of fact even the existence of ERB is debatable because to me they are just gratuitous middlemen who literally do nothing but wait for their hefty salaries at each month end.

In fact what Zambia needs now is a straight price reduction in fuel to help this great country leap forward economically. There is justification to do this.

But it seems some people elsewhere are thinking inversely and want to act in rather a dubious manner.  The planned fuel hike by ERB to me  is pure economic sabotage because ERB has no reason whatsoever to justify that because oil prices at international markets are at their lowest.

No ERB, don’t even think about it if you love this country and are there to work for the people of Zambia because you totally have no grounds for raising fuel prices.

While we are still at it, please learn how fuel management is done in our neighbouring South Africa which is update with what is happening in the fuel world.

I would urge Zambians this time to take to the streets if ERB went ahead to increase the price of fuel.

May be this is the only language they understand that Zambians are in total incongruity with it over its planned fuel price increase.

Jay Kabemba