Ex-DC defection good riddance-Chama

The resignation of former Chikankata district commissioner Sylvester Simayaba from Patriotic Front (PF) to join United Party for National Development (UPND) has not come as a surprise because he was known to conspire with the opposition, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama has said.

He said  he was not surprised to hear of Mr Simayaba’s  defection to the opposition last Saturday because all members of PF have always been aware of his interests in the opposition party.

Mr Chama said it was because of his ‘‘treacherous conduct’’ that his position of district commissioner was questioned.

‘‘The defection of former DC Sylvester Simayaba has not come as a surprise to me because it is something that members of the PF expected; we have always known he was conspiring with the UPND,’’ he said. The secretary general said he was not equally surprised that Mr Simayaba did not show up at all the places that he visited during his recent tour of  Southern Province.

He said his defection to UPND was not shocking and it was something he expected to happen even much earlier.

Mr Chama said Mr Simayaba’s resignation would not in any way affect the PF as its structures were intact.

‘‘His resignation will not affect the party in any way; we have a lot of hard working men and women who will continue to be a pillar to PF. It is time that we got rid of people like him, it is because of his disloyalty that he could not even appear when I was in Southern Province, so we are not surprised,’’ Mr Chama said. And PF Southern Province provincial secretary Moses Ngosa said his party was democratic and would not cling to members that had opted to leave.

He said Mr Simayaba was free to go but assured him that he would soon return to PF as there were no greener pastures in the UPND.

Mr Chama said his reason to leave the PF was because  President Edgar Lungu’s leadership had differed with that of  President Michael Sata (late)- was a lame excuse.

He said PF would not be shaken by Mr Simayaba’s exit even though he claimed to be the ‘‘Sata’’ of Southern


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  1. Wouldn’t it have been better if you had first reported on the defection than the reaction? i guess journalism demands that you remind people of what you are talking about. You decided to stay MUTE becuase the man resigned from your party but came quick to report about chama’s reaction lol…………………journalism went to the dogs

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