Help First Lady reach the vulnerable in society

That Esther Lungu has launched an NGO to reach out to the vulnerable people in Zambia is no surprise to me.

Her predecessors have done it before, but unfortunately these organisations become white elephants once the owners leave State House.

It all started with Vera Chiluba with Hope Foundation, then Maureen followed suit with the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative and now it is the Esther Lungu Foundation.

But it is evident that in a short time Esther has managed to reach thousands of vulnerable in society, a move which some critics have described as political gimmick to campaign for the PF.

However that she has asked the corporate world to come on board is a move which must be commended by all well-meaning Zambians to avoid political bickering now that we are drawing closer to election time.

As part of the corporate social responsibilities let the corporate world assist the First Lady achieve her dreams of reaching out to the masses where the Government has failed.

Putting a smile on the faces of the less privileged in society is more satisfying than promising heaven on earth.

Let the NGOCC see to it that this organisation is duly registered so that it continues functioning even when she leaves Plot One.