Mulongoti foresees political alliances

ANY political party that seeks to go into the 2016 election alone will be embarking on a futile journey because the 50 percent +1 vote clause for a wining Presidential candidate posed a serious challenge for politicians, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has observed.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that alliances ahead of the 2016 elections were inevitable because there was no single political party that would scoop the election with a 50 percent +1 majority vote.

Mr. Mulongoti said he anticipated a number of alliances to spring up going into next year because the provisions of the Constitution had made it difficult for any single party to win an election in Zambia.

“The issue of alliances as we get into next year are inevitable. We are not talking about one alliance but many alliances which will come as a result of the 50%+1 majority vote which has been passed.

‘‘This clause has posed a serious challenge on politicians because I can tell you that there is no single party that can work alone and win an election next year.

“So, for those parties which feel that they can go it alone in 2016, they should just realise that they are embarking on a mission impossible because each party will need to partner with others if they are to win. Going it alone with hopes of winning is a journey in futility,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

Mr. Mulongoti has however warned that political parties should not go into alliances with the sole purpose of winning an election but should be able to espouse what principles they needed to employ because coalitions have failed in the past due to lack of proper policy direction.

He said while his party was open to any alliance with other political parties, it will consult widely with the grassroots over which principles must be made clear before making a decision on which alliance it should join.

“It is not just an issue of joining any political alliance simply because you want to win an election; it is about agreeing on principle that will govern your alliances.

‘‘If we are asked to join any alliance, we will discuss with those who feel that we can work together and if we agree on certain issues, then we will ask our people what they feel about it and then we will move forward,” Mr Mulongoti said.

Last week, the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) told the Daily Nation that it was in talks with five other political parties with a view to put their resources together with the idea of fielding one presidential candidate in 2016.