School fees reduction wins kudos

Government’s instruction to public schools to reduce tuition fees is welcome, the Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) has said.

PROTUZ deputy secretary general Victor Muyumba said the union was happy with Government’s commitment to improving the education sector in the country.

Mr. Muyumba observed that most children were not in school because their parents could not afford to pay their school feels which were too high.

He said education was key to a brighter future, and that children had the right to education and  should not be deprived of their right.

“You will find that most children would stay home simply because their parents cannot send them to school due to higher fees, which is not right because they have a right to education,” Mr. Muyumba said. He said the move by the Minister of General Education Dr. John Phiri would enable more children to acquire education. He stated that parents and guardians who could not afford to pay school fees would now be able to send their children to school.

“As a union we welcome this move because education will now be affordable for everyone; education should be for all,” he said. Mr. Muyumba urged Provincial Education Officers in all the 10 regions of the country to be proactive and implement the ministerial directive as soon as possible.

“We encourage our Provincial Education Officers to work on this before the next term begins so that parents can know how much they will be paying,” he said.

The Ministry of General Education this week ordered public schools to reduce school fees, saying they were too high and beyond the reach of the poor rural-based learners in the country.

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  1. Why delegate to provincial education officers instead of the Perm. Sec to rank the schools and state the fees because as it is parents have already started paying the huge fees for next year.

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