Sorry, Ba Milupi, ZRA can’t just leave the Post alone

I fail to understand why people who have been to school are failing to twig a simple issue at the Post.

Many of them want to jump on it for cheap political mileage which in itself is a disgrace.

Take ADD president Charles Milupi who is calling on ZRA to leave the newspaper alone. Why the Post alone when they are so many other institutions who are facing a similar situation?

I know there are many people out there seeking publicity which they easily find at the Post for well known reasons.

But I want to tell  all those, including Mr Milupi, who are pretending not to know the truth as why ZRA has camped at the Post to keep their mouths shuts because whether they like it or not ZRA will not leave the Post  alone for as long it has not paid its taxes.

You will scream your lungs out, but your outpourings will come to nothing because what ZRA is doing is legal. Period.

I was equally shocked that the American government can go to the Post to offer solidarity over an illegality.

Yet Ms Janet Deutsh, the public affairs officer at the American embassy in Lusaka, knows just too well the penalties of not paying taxes in her country. Maybe there was something erroneous with the story of the visit.

Moses Miyoba