Today’s text messages

Bogus socialists cry to Uncle Sam


For the socialists they claim to be, the cry-babies of the Rainbow Party were so quick to cry to Uncle Sam for financial help for the Billions they owe to the Zambian people. Is Uncle Sam such a gullible deep pocket. Only days will show if the will fall to the fraudsters.


US Embassy staff at Post?


What were the US Embassy staff doing at the Post newspaper where the Zambia Revenue Authority are undertaking tax evasion investigations. What solidarity did they bring?

Solomon Kombe

Beware of HH


Why is it that HH is quick  to tell Government  to reduce fuel price when it slumps on world market? But when it comes to copper prices nose-diving, he is not sympathetic to miners. People must be wary of such leaders.

Obby C. Lusaka



Kafue clinic vandalized


It is disheartening that when Government is trying to bring health services closer to the people some people are vandalizing the health posts even  before they are officially opened. This has happened in Kafue’s Zambia compound. The window panes have been stolen. Please, my fellow Zambians, let’s appreciate  when Government  does something good  for us and stop this vandalism.

William Banda, Kafue. 


Opposition must unite for 2016


This is time for us in the opposition to unite and put personal interest behind us as our country is headed for 50 + 1 endorsement. We can do away with a re-run in 2016 only if we the opposition unite. Let’s join hands together and think of our country  and with God on  our side we shall come out victors. I would like to say thank you to  PF  for the five years they have been in office; they have done their part. 2016 is time for us to move our country  forward.

Mweemba Simuliampondo, Lusaka



Lusaka needs new burial sites


I want to appeal to Lusaka City Council and MPs for Mandevu, Matero and Kanyama to urgently find a new burial site because Chunga and Chingwere cemeteries are full. Please let’s have decent burial places.

C.P. Lusaka



Only serious parties this time


‘‘Presidential candidate shocker’’, Daily Nation 15/12/2015. It’s really shocking to have political parties that fail to raise just 100 members from each province.

Concerned citizen


Are ZRA  ‘frightened little men’?


The dramatic turn of events between the ZRA investigators and the Post leaves much to be desired. The ZRA investigators got the documents and computers from the Post on 10th December, 2015 and immediately took the documents and computers back the following day, 11th December, 2015 through a court order. We were told that the ZRA had a search warrant. This is very embarrassing and a total failure by the ZRA legal team. Do they have a professional team in the first place or they are just “frightened little men” . This amateurish way of doing things is what is making somebody to be called powerful and untouchable. That was real drama of the year 2015.

DC, Lusaka



Drainage system a disaster


The drainage system in Lusaka is a disaster. Our Lusaka City Council has to double up its effort to clear the drainages. But all this should be blamed on the Government for allowing street vending which has brought about so much filth to our city.

Jonathan Moyo 


Rains wash away Matero roads


I live in Matero and after Saturday’s downpour, all gravel roads were washed away. In other words, we no longer have roads and unless our MP Miles Sampa and Government come to our rescue, it will be impossible to drive on these roads.

Concerned citizen