USA Embassy trying to intimidate Lungu

The coincidence of USA embassy staff visiting the Post newspaper at a time when the Zambia Revenue Authority are investigating tax evasion in quite interesting.

What solidarity are they expressing?  Are they expressing solidarity with criminality?

The Embassy must explain to the Zambian people the purpose of that very   highly publicized visit intended to highlight the alleged shooting and suppression of communication.

As we all know, up to now nobody has explained the alleged shooting in which a bullet landed on top of the roof of the office and landed on the ground unscathed- according to the Police.

How can a bullet that has landed on a metal roof, and then hit the ground remain in mint condition- unscathed?

My conclusion is that the visit is a plot to stop the Government from taking drastic action against the post for something they have done.

If the Government fails then they will be failing the rest of the nation because their duty is to protect the interest of the nation and not an individual with the propensity to cause havoc in the nation.

The Government must act without fear or favour or forever remain quite when other people commit criminal offences.

Edson Mwelwa