USA Post visit suspect

It is dangerous for the US Government to interfere in Zambian politics in this highly charged atmosphere as the country is moving towards the general elections next year, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said.

He said the Post Newspaper had become a platform of hate and malicious speech in its quest to cause regime change and it was therefore ironical for the US Government to offer solidarity to a partisan media house.

Reacting to reports that US embassy officials Janet Deutsh, the public affairs officer and information specialist Zarina Geloo – visited the Post Newspaper to offer solidarity and to discuss press freedom, Mr Changala said it had become clear that the US Government was ready to work with any organisation that was championing the removal of President Lungu from State House.

He said it was a fact that the United States ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz did not like the current Zambian President and found it prudent to support any individual and organisation that was championing the change of Government.

Mr Changala said the Post Newspaper had been daring Government and President Lungu by its continuous publishing of stolen classified documents and State secrets yet the US had never considered condemning such acts of criminality.

He said the increasing interference in the Zambian politics by the US Government should not continue because Zambia unlike some of the countries in Africa such as Burundi had enjoyed political stability even in tensed political times.

Mr Changala said at the moment, the Post was undergoing an intensive investigation following years of tax evasion and avoidance.

He observed that it was shocking that whoever had transgressed the Zambian laws had turned out to be a high profile guest at the US embassy in Lusaka, a situation he described as highly apolitical.

“The Post Newspaper has been daring Government and President Lungu for a long time with the continued publication of stolen classified documents and State secrets. The US Government has not censured the Post Newspaper for stealing Government documents and State secrets. It is a fact that the US ambassador to Zambia Mr Eric Schultz does not like the current Zambian President Edgar Lungu. He has found it politically correct to work with any individual or organisation that is championing the removal of President Lungu from power. This is interfering with Zambia’s internal affairs and it must not be tolerated,” Mr Changala said.

Mr Changala explained that the US Government was after its own computer analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden for providing top-secret NSA documents to the Guardian which led to the revelations about the US surveillance on phone and internet communications.

Mr Changala further stated that Julian Assange, the wikileaks founder was currently still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the US for revealing the US Government mischievous spying.

He said the US which was boasting to be a land of press freedoms had some of its own citizens fleeing the country and seeking asylum in other countries and it was therefore important for the US in Zambia to check its own record before involving themselves in Zambian politics.

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3 Responses to “USA Post visit suspect”

  1. Michael Phiri says:

    Good observation Brebner. These chaps they think they can manipulate all of us!

  2. Mwaba says:

    Mr. Changala at least you and all of us know that the USA. government was hunting for Snowden to fix him for revealing some classified information . What is your PF government looking for at Post News Company Why wild shooting at the company? Why using the ZRA to intimidate the staff at the company. You must be careful what you say Bro lest you harm your own tongue..

  3. Merry Christmas says:

    Surprise!! Didn’t know it’s possible to comment on this site….!


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