Zambian doctors misplaced-ZMA

ZAMBIAN doctors are the most misplaced professionals although they are among the highest paid in the region after South Africa, says Zambia Medical Association president Aaron Mujajati.

He said since most doctors in Zambia were misplaced despite their academic and practicing experience, this delayed new appointments and promotions for many specialists who have remained in the same positions for many years.

“Despite Government’s will and commitment to improving the sector, there are some small frustrations which require urgent attention, and these include staff misplacement.

“There is misplacement of doctors where specialised doctors with masters and specialized training continue to work in general practice due to slow progression in appointments.

“We have seen doctors retire as junior doctors despite their academic honours, which is frustrating after all the efforts one could have put in to meet the credentials,” Dr Mujajati said.

He however said the good working conditions in Zambia have drastically reduced the effects of brain drain in the medical sector because most graduate doctors opted to stay and work at home instead of migrating abroad.

He said the medical fraternity was enjoying their share of good working conditions with substantial dialogue with the Government and other stakeholders in improving healthcare services to the people of Zambia.

“Government has been very instrumental in improving conditions of service for doctors in Zambia, which makes them some of the highly paid in the region.

“As ZMA, we have strived to live up to the basic tenets of medical practice and basically we draw our aspirations from a number of political stances which is why we have been consistent in protecting the integrity of the Office of the Republican Presidency,” he said.

He was speaking during the 2015 ZMA annual gala and awards giving ceremony in Lusaka on Saturday.

Dr Mujajati said because the association shared a common vision of improving healthcare services in the country, ZMA had invested in continuous medical education for its members to help attain the best services in the sector.

He said the doctors were in support of Government’s huge investment in infrastructure development and health education in the country.

And Dr Mujajati announced that ZMA for the first time in 50 years of existence was a member of the World Medical Association (WMA) and has been selected to host the 2016 WMA assembly, the only African country to host the event other than South Africa.

He said with support from the Ministry of Health and the Zambia National Tourism Board, ZMA won the bid to host up to 600 international delegates, making the assembly a viable tourism event.

The WMA assembly takes place in February 2016.