Cartel in serious panic

Dear Editor,

I wish to refer to a story in the Post titled “Retrenched miners vow to vote out PF next year”.

I am not a journalist, but I will be first one to admit that the story is not only phony but a clear testimony of cheap journalism by the paper.

To speak to one miner, if he truly exists, and claim all the retrenched miners are eager to vote out PF next year, is a sweeping statement meant to send a wrong message to members of public.

Anyway miners are just part of the population on the vast Copperbelt and they cannot really change the situation that much as some people would like to believe.

The truth is that the guilty are afraid of PF in case it wins because that  will certainly doom to them, only the cartel knows this better hence the panic.

It should not surprise those of us who know the evil plans of the desperate cartel  and which should not be underestimated because it has the financial muscle to buy anti-State agents.

If you carefully listen to some church leaders, NGOs, institutions, associations, they speak the language of the panicky cartel.

The situation is bound to get worse next year because it faces an unknown future and should President Lungu win that will spell doom for the cartel.

I am more than sure that in 2016 the level of insults against President Lungu and his government will increase. Some will make sure that the country becomes ungovernable so that no one wins.

Joe Mbazima

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