Former presidents protection wins support

FORMER presidents should not be subjected to unnecessary humiliation that comes with lifting of their immunity.

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala was reacting to the new constitution that provides that a special committee would be set up to make recommendations to the National Assembly before lifting the immunity of any former President.

“This will help to maintain their respect, because this procedure will be carried in a more respectable manner,” Mr. Sakala said. We appeal that if all a former President is acquitted, their immunity must be automatically be restored,” he said.

Mr. Sakala bemoaned the trend of having former President’s immunities lifted. He said it was sad to note that each time there was a new President, the former President would have their immunity lifted.

“It’s like this thing has now become a tendency, every former President has to have their immunity lifted, which is not good at all. We need to stop subjecting our leaders to such humiliation, like the way it has been in the past,” Mr. Sakala said.  He stated that former Presidents must be respected and treated with honour, as they were once leaders. He said lifting of Presidents’ immunity was not helping the nation in any way, but rather degrading the integrity of former leaders.

“This will not help our country in any way and it must stop, former leaders must be respected. Having their immunity lifted only demean them, these are people who were once our leaders and deserves respect,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Former presidents protection wins support

  1. Rubbish!!! If they want respect after their term of office then they should respect their offices while serving. When HH wins we will remove Lungu’s immunity and prosecute him together with his wife.

  2. Kantemba party leaders like this crooked President who very well knows that no one can cast a vote on them let alone their families . Doesn’t this crook know that up to now that this Edgar Lungu got a 96 million us $ loan from china with out declaring this money to the we the zambians he privately shared it with his confidants and since it was contracted under government we the citizens will have to be over taxed to pay back this loan .For us to reclaim some of the monies which was fraudulently acquired by Lungu and his team Lungu’s immunity will have to be removed. so that he is able to answer for all his misdeeds.

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