Lungu will dance his way into State House in 2016

Dear Editor,

You can insult President in all manner you like but what I can  tell people  like Senenga UPND  member of  Parliament Likando Mufalali  (who cannot  dance) that  Lungu  will be dancing his way into State House come 2016.

The sweet thing about those who keep poison in their hearts is that it ends up eating the custodians.

Mr Mufalali, would you not agree with me that even at a funeral people still crack  jokes and drink alcohol because they know that the worst has already happened?

I found it extremely cheap of you to even suggest that President Lungu’s image builders told him that dancing around would make people think that he is young and vote for him. Ha ha ha ha!

I did not expect that to come from a mouth of a man of Mr Mufalali’s standing. How unfortunate. That you are not sleeping and always rushing to the Post to attack President Lungu is a sure sign that he is a force to reckon with.

The problems Zambia is facing are well known and to turn them into politics is not only cheap but totally absurd.

At this time, I thought UPND would be pre-occupied with pertinent issues instead of attacking the person of President Lungu.

For instance UPND is only strong in three provinces, so the chance of an outright win is completely out. Let this sink into UPND. It has already found itself in a sticky situation. To President Lungu I say that the storm will be over one day soon so keep up your focus.

Joyce Bwalya

One thought on “Lungu will dance his way into State House in 2016

  1. Joyce Bwalya should not be taken seriously because she is a no body in the game of politics Ask Lungu himself he knows that the writings are clear on the walls and he is already packing back to chawama where he belongs.

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