New Constitution welcome

Dear Editor,

Hats off to our gallant members of Parliament (MPs) who saw to it that the Constitution Amendment Bill was passed.

However, some stakeholders are not happy. For example, the so-called Grand Coalition wanted the whole Draft Constitution to be taken to Parliament for enactment. But even if it were so, we should not have expected the MPs to pass the Constitutiona Bill without debate or amendments.

Our lawmakers are the only ones mandated to represent the over 13 million Zambians constitutionally.

To expect our eloquent MPs to pass such a serious Bill without debate is tantamount to making Parliament a rubber stamp.

The Grand Coalition’s taking freedom of speech too far by talking ill of what the people’s genuine representatives have done.

All well-meaning Zambians know that constitutional development requires time and financial resources.  It’s taken the USA (a Superpower) over 200 years to be where they are. We are only 51 years old and still growing constitutionally. Let’s give credit where due.

Meanwhile, with the long-awaited 50%+1 in place, all the  political parties which got zero per cent (0%) in the last presidential election must rethink their  participation in 2016 elections.

They should not hunt what they cannot kill. The best they can do is to dissolve themselves or merge with existing major political parties of their choice.

Alternatively, parties without national appeal should plan to only to take part in elections at ward/constituency level.

Presidential elections are for political heavy weights. Save ECZ the agony of preparing a crowded ballot paper.

Yes, there is freedom of assembly but it’s an exercise in futility to participate in national elections when your party has no national character.

Francis J. Kalipenta