Nkoyas threaten to withdraw musical instruments from Kuomboka

The Nkoyas of Kaoma have threatened to withdraw their musical instruments and also restrain the Lozis to use Nkoya culture during their Kuomboka ceremony if they feel they are not contributing towards the ceremony.

Kazanga Cultural Association chairperson Layton Kaushiku charged that there was nothing wrong in people wanting to know how the Kuomboka  organizing committee used money when the ceremony had  not been held for three consecutive years.

“The Nkoya Royal Council chairman David Tamboka was right to query the Kuomboka Kufuluhela committee on how they spent the money because the people of Zambia want to know, owing to it that the ceremony has been failing for some years now,” he said. Mr Kaushiku said it was not fair for the Kufuluhela committee to have accused the Nkoyas of not contributing anything towards the ceremony when the same people were the ones who anchored the ceremony with their rich culture.

He said the committee should be sincere because the Lozi ceremony was anchored by the Nkoya culture, adding the Nkoyas would be forced to restrain the Lozis from using their culture should some people continue to disgrace the Nkoyas.

“I salute those past organizers like Professor Oliver Saasa and Mr Mwendoi Akakandelwa and their group performed well during their  tenure because they recognised the role the Nkoyas in the ceremony,

“How can the committee say it is not answerable to the Nkoya Royal Council and that it is transparent in the way it is handling money donated for the ceremony, when the nation was not informed; even us we do retire the money and give details to the people on how we have used the money,” he said.

Mr Kaushiku advised people organizing such events to deal with tradition to understand history instead of talking on uninformed point of view.

“Kuomboka cannot be colorful without the Nkoya input of instruments, rhythms and many more, so our colleagues should be sincere when it comes to public funds,” he said.

He said the Nkoyas were concerned that sponsors would be forced to withhold their contributions towards the Kuomboka ceremony.

It was therefore  important for  the organizers to tell the nation where they have been taking the monies that people and companies contributed towards the hosting of the Kuomboka ceremony now that the event had been failing to take place for three consecutive  years.

He said it was the duty of every Zambian to know how public funds were utilised because the Kuomboka ceremony was a national event.

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  1. This time arround the cartel has got it wrong coz it is not even the right time for change. We’re going to teach this cartel a rough lesson which they won’t forget in their life time. What goes around comes around and this is the time for the cartel. Edgar will perform and he deserves a full term, watch out.

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