Today’s text messages

Milenge District roads disappointing


It is indeed very disheartening that since Milenge was declared a district in 1998, the  road network has remained a  challenge due to lack of a good vision by relevant authority. We are tired of moving in trench-like roads.  our stance is ‘no road, no vote’ if the road won’t be worked on to bituminous standards by July 2016.

Abel Chama – Milenge Dist, Luapula Province



Leave HH alone


I don’t know why these people insult Hakainde! Please leave him alone.

 Priscotty, Mwinilunga



Lungu let down


It is heart-breaking to see how the  President’s efforts to develop every part of the country are let down by some people around him. Let him send genuine people to Nalolo district and see  what has been done so  far.

Patrick Lubinda, Mongu



Take care of retirees


Our Government has definitely done very well but the President should make sure that we retirees are paid all our dues by our ministries. I retired in 2009 but has not been paid repatriation, salary arrears and leave terminal  benefits and now my children cannot continue with colleges. Please  fund DEBS, Lusaka,  for our sake.

Retiree (Elliort Mutale – TS 59217)



No day dreamers


The requirement for a 100 registered voters from each province is long overdue. It’s high time Zambian politics became an arena for serious and credible contenders. No more room for political day dreamers, jokers and brief case politicians. Save tax payers’ meager resources.

 Dr Charles Mwila, Mutambala



Save us from cadres


Can someone from PF save us from these two cadres who control buses at Chilenje station to stop collecting K10 every day from us trading next to Barclays bank, Chilenje .

Na jere



Tariff hike too high


The increased  electricity tariff is beyond the  reach of a common citizen. Can the Energy Regulation  Board revisit the electricity tariff increment otherwise things  are not ok for the domestic consumers.

 Lengwe H.


Stop these beatings


The PF government is doing well because at list we can sleep even if we are  hungry but please my Government stop these so called PF cadres from attacking innocent people because surely one day God will answer the cries of the  journalists being attacked. They  can beat as many people as they can but one day God will stop it. I hate PF cadres because I was beaten.