Alliances only way to win elections in 2016

I think it is wishful thinking for the UPND to ruminate that it can win elections next year on its own.

What I see are serious alliances probably between UPND and FDD and one between PF and MMD.

With the 50 + 1 it is abundantly clear to me that no one party will come out smarter unless they go into marriages of convenience.

So if there is a political party which thinks it can win the 2016 elections single-handedly, chances are it is misleading itself.

Our parties should start thinking about possible alliances, but of course those who are wishing to go it alone, are perfectly free to do so, however the battle will be harder.

It is in this vein that I totally agree with former Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu that political parties in Zambia should start preparing for power-sharing to avoid possible re-runs next year.

Mary Tembo


2 thoughts on “Alliances only way to win elections in 2016

  1. Upnd can not accept to share with others o what they may accept is what hh tells them. Mmd + pf is gud and stable marriage but mumba still feels he can win. The first pair cant work they are all small parties with no national character with selfis leaders.

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