Can ACC probe PROTUZ?

I am teacher, a provincial official and a contributing member of PROTUZ, a teacher union in the Ministry of General Education.

I am writing to the Anti- Corruption Commission to quickly investigate the Professional Teachers Union of Zambia secretariat on the corruption allegation which has been an earthed.

There is no way union leaders can be abusing teachers’ contribution with impunity when we have institutions like the Anti-Corruption Commission which is mandated to protect poor teachers like me.

We have been awarded new conditions of service but to my surprise the same conditions of service are written as ‘‘draft conditions of service’’ when in the actual fact the union leaders are paying themselves, getting Christmas bonuses, personal to holder vehicles and gratuity using ‘‘draft’’ conditions of service. Teacher’s money is public funds. We are aware that the same union leaders are being protected by the Ministry of Labour, defeating the efforts of the Republican President who has been fighting corruption.

We are ready to take to the street to remove these corrupt union leaders

some of whom have been getting double salaries, from Government and the union.

I am appealing to the Anti-Corruption Commission to act on the corruption allegations and clear the air because some suspects are now removing whistle blowers to cover their sins.  The suspects must stop transacting a union account at a named bank because they have started bribing provincial officials so that they withdraw their complaint to investigating wings.

Mulunda Konga