killer guard escapes

A security guard who shot dead a fuel tanker driver for allegedly decanting fuel collected from TAZAMA depot last week has mysteriously disappeared from the University Teaching Hospital.

And now the police officers who were guarding him have been directed by the police command to find him – dead or alive – wherever he may be.

Before his disappearance was the guard was reported fighting for his life in the UTH’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being attacked by an instant justice mob along Muzilikazi Road near Matero township for allegedly shooting Mr Obby Muzyamba, 35, a Zambian tanker driver working for the Tanzanian oil company Lake Oil.

He was believed to have been sent to monitor the activities of the company’s drivers and allegedly shot dead Mr Muzyamba with a shotgun after he caught him decanting fuel which he had collected from the depot in unauthorised place.

And Lusaka deputy Police Commissioner Edwin Bwanga told the Daily Nation yesterday that the police were not aware about the whereabouts of the guard.

“I don’t know where he is right now,” the deputy police commissioner said.

Mr Bwanga said before his disappearance, Mr Nyirenda was being guarded by police in his sick bed.

‘‘The man was being guarded by the police in his sick bed but after he was asked to go to the theatre for an operation our officers remained in the ward and that was how he disappeared,” he said.

The commissioner said there must have been a miscommunication between hospital staff and the police.

Mr Bwanga however said the police officers who were guarding him have been directed to find him wherever he may be.

But UTH public relations officer Mwenya Mulenga said the guard was discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

Mr Mulenga said he was admitted in ward G22 on Tuesday and was discharged on Saturday.

“We don’t know where he is because we discharged him. We allowed him to go home because he was discharged. So whether the police know or don’t know where he is that is not our problem. As for us we can only confirm that the guard was discharged from the hospital,” Mr Mulenga said.

Mr Muzyamba’s death sparked a strike by Oil Marketing Companies’ tanker drivers who  refused to load petroleum products from the TAZAMA depot in protest at the killing of their colleague, thereby causing shortage of the commodity in most filling stations in Lusaka