I don’t want to shed blood – Lungu

“I AM not ready to cause chaos and spill any drop of blood of any Zambian for me to remain in State House because I want the best candidate to win the presidency,” President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu said he was ready to leave State House any time Zambians wanted to change the leadership of the country but asked his political opponents to allow him to govern a peaceful and united country.

President Lungu appealed to the leadership in the UPND, FDD, NAREP and the Patriotic Front (PF) to turn to God, stating that if political leaders surrendered themselves to Jesus, there would be no violence in which political cadres were wielding pangas and maiming each other on the basis of different political opinions.

Speaking at an inter-denominational prayer meeting at State House yesterday, President Lungu called for co-existence among politicians, stating that even politicians who did not believe in the power of God should be prayed for so that they could know Christ.

The President said it was not possible for him to be right at all times because he was as human as any other citizen and that was why he was turning to God in both good and difficult times of his leadership.

The Head of State said it was his prayer that the 2016 general election campaigns would be devoid of name-calling, malice and insults but should be based on issues.

“In church, there is no talk about tribe. There is so much talk about affluence and people thinking money is everything. But we must seek the face of God in good and bad times. Political leaders, please let us turn to God. UPND, NAREP and PF, we must all turn to God and if we are going to have God in our hearts, there shall no reason to raise pangas.

‘‘Let us allow co-existence and we pray that the campaigns next year will be based on issues. I am not ready to spill any drop of blood because I want to stay in State House. I do not want to cause chaos in Zambia but when time comes, I will go but for now allow me to work,” President Lungu said.

The President said Zambians should not be ashamed to be Christians, adding that it was important for the presidency to find time to congregate and worship God.

And Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) presiding bishop Peter Ndhlovu said the Church had a critical role to play in bringing politicians together so as to foster peace and unity in the country.

Bishop Ndhlovu said in his sermon that the church should not preach violence, tribalism and hate messages but should always preach peace, unity and reconciliation.

“We have one country and the church should not be seen to be taking sides. We much preach love, peace, unity and reconciliation and love buries all forms of hatred. So we urge politicians to avoid hate messages as they go for campaigns,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.