New Natsave board cheers union

Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) general secretary Chingati Msiska says the union is highly expectant of the new National Savings and Credit Bank (NATSAVE) board.

He said Zambians were looking forward to seeing positive results of the newly appointed board that was put in place last week.

He said he was happy that NATSAVE had finally been given a board, adding that it was needed for the management to operate efficiently.

‘‘We are happy that NATSAVE finally has a board because we have not had one for a long time. It is necessary for management to work efficiently and we are hopeful that with a board in place everything will fall in place,’’ said Mr Msiska.

He said NATSAVE had no representation for over two years and this affected the operations of management and the employees of the bank.

Mr Msiska said the board was expected to be ‘‘vicious’’ and to work according to the regulations of the institution and the union was excited to see what they had to deliver.

The general secretary said the union was hopeful that the newly appointed board would adhere to their terms of reference.

He said every board was given objectives by the Government which they used as terms of reference.

‘’ We as a union are excited and looking forward to see what unfolds from our new board. For over two years management and all other employees could not operate as expected because we did not have one; therefore we expect the new board to adhere to objectives that each board is given as their terms of reference,’’ he said.

Mr Msiska denied reports in the media that claimed that four people had been fired following the protest over change of management.

He said he had wondered where the media got such information, saying only four workers were suspended following the protests.

He said the union was in talks with management to ensure the suspended workers were reinstated.

‘‘The reports in the media saying there were four NATSAVE workers fired following the protests, that was wrong and I don’t know where that information came from because the workers were only suspended and we are having talks with management to ensure they are brought back and we are sure with the new board in place everything will work out,’’ Mr Msiska said.