PF, UPND cadres clash in Garden compound

Suspected PF and UPND cadres clashed during the official opening of Garden police station in full view of the police, says UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

Mr Kakoma said it was the duty of police to make sure that people were protected and not to allow such unruly behaviour to happen in their presence without taking action. He said the incident happened at the newly opened police station which was officially opened by Mandevu PF Member of Parliament Jean Kapata.

Mr Kakoma said if it were UPND members who beat up the PF cadres police would have arrested the culprits.

Police public relations officer Charity Munganga Chanda said she was not aware if any arrest was made but she would investigate the matter. Some suspected PF cadres on Friday allegedly beat up UPND supporters who were passing near Garden compound police post shortly after Ms Kapata opened the station.

The fight started when rowdy PF cadres clad in green overalls and berets labelled PF, spotted a group of UPND supporters passing near a Zambeef outlet adjacent to the newly commissioned police station. Eye-witnesses said the incident happened in full view of the police and Ms Kapata.