Never look a gift horse in the mouth, is a proverb that admonishes against undermining any gift or privilege offered by nature or circumstances.

As a country we have been gifted with peace and tranquility in spite of our political, cultural and indeed social diversity.

It is therefore unfair and downright dangerous and unpatriotic and at worst an abuse of this gift for Zambians to portend let alone suggest large scale mayhem and bloodshed in the country.  Zambia has served as an oasis of peace to which many have sought refuge when the situation in their own countries became untenable.

Already in Burundi hundreds of political opponents have been killed and thousands others have fled fearing imminent attack for holding and perhaps opposing government policy.  Zambia is nowhere near this crisis, but it would be folly to suggest that such misfortune would not befall us.

Zambia has no political refugees and our country in spite of political diversity has cherished peace.

Scaremongering as a deliberate intention to make people feel worried and frightened is an abuse of freedom of expression and indeed a danger to the wellbeing of any nation.

Scare stories elicited for the purpose of achieving political ends by planting a seed of disquiet and generalized fear contribute to heightened tension whose outcome cannot be predicted. 

Politicians are known to engage in scare mongering as a means of keeping people scared and therefore effectively keeping them in control.

The politicians naturally use the media in propagating fear and despondency to perpetuate an atmosphere in which political activity will not only be charged but may actually cause the very violence and bloodshed that has been predicted.

It is the duty of every patriotic Zambian to defend, protect and even die for the democratic ideals that this country has fought to establish at great cost but to the benefit of the entire society which now lives harmoniously albeit occasional differences that they indeed result in violence but it is a reality that violence may even occur in a domestic setting where even more powerful relationships exist.

God has given us peace, we should be grateful and cherish this gift by admonishing any attempts at upsetting the tranquility and wellbeing of the Zambian people many of whom are not political and whose only wish is to live a happy life.

Therefore threats of bloodshed, political mayhem and gratuitous violence in the run-up to the 2016 election only serve to pander to generalized paranoia which in the end can turn out to be self-fulfilling prophecy.

Coming at this time when many parts of the African continent are in the grip of political turmoil that has resulted in the loss of life it becomes a matter of serious national security for any institution to predict let alone promote political violence.