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President Lungu did not prepare those Xmas hampers


I echo the sentiments by the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma that the Post cannot bring down Lungu “Sunday Nation Dec 27th, 2015. I was equally flabbergasted to see the Saturday Post’s headline “Lungu donates jiggies”. Desperate people do desperate things. This primitive journalism exhibited by the Post, exposes its continued hate against President Lungu. If they don’t have stories to write why can’t they just close down instead of chasing the wind? At the end they will chase no more. Even a Grade 5 pupil would know that the Christmas hampers cannot be prepared or packed by the Head of State. They are prepared by the President’s members of staff. Surely even a manager at a company cannot pack a Christmas hamper. That’s the  duty of a secretary. It’s not for the President to check the contents of every Christmas hamper. What is happening at the Post is like when a dog is about to die, it loses its sense of smell.

DC. Lusaka


Well done Jean Kapata


I was impressed with the way Mandevu member of Parliament Jean  Kapata articulated on issues on December 26, 2015 on ZNBC TV2. This was when she featured on a programme dubbed “Role of an MP”.  She said that the MP should work for the electorate to bring development by consulting with the  civic leaders and the people, by being action-oriented, that is walking the talk among other roles. To be an MP is one thing and to play the role of an MP is another. I have come to know that Mandevu constituency is developed because the area MP fully understands the  role of an MP.

Elemiya Phiri, Lusaka


 Fear for the unknown


One day I was selling newspapers, the Daily Mail, Post, Daily Nation and Times of Zambia. A woman bought Post newspaper and then she said she will read it at home because at work she risked being fired if found reading it. I  then knew she was working for the Government. Is it true or false? History has it, very few people if not none, like the truth. Whether  private or public media liars will not enter the kingdom of God. So whoever is lying whether in public or private media, remember that Zambians have eyes and ears.

Concerned citizen


Contractor abandons Chunga bridge near ZESCO sub-station


I wish to bring the sad situation Chunga residents find themselves in. The contractor who is putting up a simple bridge near Zesco sub-station in Matero constituency has almost abandoned this project. It’s now three months from the time they started this project and we are extremely inconvenienced. Can the powers-that-be please come to our aid? Twapapata.

Chileshe, Chungu resident.


 Lusaka’s near-naked girls shock

early Christmas shopper


On Christmas day I woke up early and took a stroll in the capital city and what I saw shocked me to the marrow. At nearly every corner of the street I came across drunken girls, some of them below the drinking age, and indecently dressed. They obviously attracted the wrath of callboys who shouted obscenities at them. I do not know what this world is coming to, but certainly something is amiss.


TJK, Lusaka


 President Lungu is sincere


I think President Lungu is an honest man. He has come out in the open that he is not going to shed blood by clinging to power if Zambians do not vote for him. That was a plus for me and I think that is why people will vote for him because he is a sincere leader, ready to work for Zambians.

Joe Buntu


 Terrorism is mooted largely by children of Muslims


Islam is a religion of peace and love, and therefore, Muslims   are expected to be loving and peaceful. This is agreed. Terrorists of all forms and shades are largely and essentially children of Muslims. Terrorists may not be Muslims themselves but they are largely sons and daughters of  Muslims or have been raised in an Islamic environment. The Islamic leadership must stand up and address terrorism throughout the world. There is definitely something about terror that only Islam and parents of terrorists should address in order to end the scourge! Denying the truth when everybody can see what is wrong will not help! The world must face the reality that terrorism is mooted largely by children of Muslims and those living amongst Muslims!

Alfred A.K. Ndhlovu, former D/Minister

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