Bishop Joseph Kazhila please create rains for mother Zambia

I strongly believe that it is the calling of men and women of God to bring hope to the people when they are faced with challenges instead of doing the opposite.

Take Bishop Joseph Kazhila, Overseer of Life Gospel Fellowship Ministries, who thinks that PF mismanaged the economy by not creating rains or fixing copper prices on the international market. It is mind-boggling!

If indeed Bishop Kazhila is a man of devotion why can’t he simply bow and pray for rains to fill up our Kariba Dam instead of running to newspapers for mere publicity.

Leaders, be it in government, church or anywhere who just whinge without offering solutions, to me they are just time wasters and should be ignored with the derision they deserve.

Bishop Kazhila should have come out strongly to tell Zambians that he plans to resolve the rains issue or that he would be jumping on the next plane to London to fix copper prices to right our economy.

The unemployment and job losses would not have been there if copper prices were good and Zambia had adequate rains for the production of electricity. It is as simple as that.

May be Bishop Kazhila should concentrate on saving lost souls instead of bargaining for publicity over matters he may have little knowledge about.

Jay Kabemba