Litunga appeals for peace, unity

THE Litunga of Western Province, Lubosi Imwiko 11, has called for peace and unity among the people of the region and that they should not allow anyone to divide them.

Speaking through his representative Induna Mukulwakashiko, the Litunga said the people should be united and love one another.

He said once they were united and have love for the other, no one who would divide them and get what they wanted from them.

“Sicaba sa Bulozi (people of Barotseland) you must be united and have love for one another; we should not allow other people or nations to divide us because we are all one,” he said.

He thanked the Church, particularly the United Church of Zambia, for the solidarity and support they offered during the recent death of the wife of Senior Chief Anang’anga of Lukulu.

The Litunga was speaking through his representative Induna Mukulwakashiko when he joined other congregants at Limulunga UCZ church.

The Litunga also urged the people of Western Province to adapt to climate change and grow crops that were resistant to drought such as millet and sorghum.

And UCZ Evangelist Edward Akomba urged the congregants to have love for their leaders and among themselves before they claim to love God whom they have not seen.

Evangelist Akomba thanked forefathers of the Lozi kingdom who had welcomed the missionaries that had brought Christianity in the region, saying such spirit of love should continue among the people for the sake of peace and unity.

In a related development, a Bemba royalist Mulenga Kombe has advised Nkoyas and Lozis to bury their differences if they want people to go and invest in the province.

‘‘Speaking as a member of the Bemba Royal Establishment I wish to appeal to our brothers in western part of Zambia especially the Nkoyas and Lozis to quickly resolve their ethnicity differences for the sake of peace and stability,” he said.

He appealed to Western Province ethnic groups especially the Nkoyas and Lozis to quickly resolve their ethnicity differences in order for the Government to facilitate equal distribution of sustainable development.

Mr Kombe said the reports of the differences between the Lozis and Nkoyas in Western Province made sad reading, especially at a time when the country was preaching about peace and love to fulfill the One Zambia, One Nation slogan.

Mr Kombe said the people of Western Province should realise that they were occupying the second highest office in the land and therefore needed to exercise restraint in whatever they were doing.

“As we get into the New Year my request is that our friends should guard the authority given to them by President Lungu otherwise it would be very unfortunate to copy what we (Bembas) did in 1996 where we disrespected and failed to guard the position of Vice Presidency,” Mr Kombe said.