Lungu key to ending violence, says Mulongoti

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should create a platform for dialogue with opposition political parties if political violence is to be combatted, People’s Party (PP) president Mike Mulongoti has said.

Mr. Mulongoti challenged President Lungu to use his powers as Head of State to call for an urgent meeting with other political parties to discuss ways of ending political violence.

According to him, calling on politicians to turn to God alone was not enough to stop political violence which had escalated in the country.

“What we expect him to do is to create a platform for dialogue as he is President, or maybe he does not know that he is the President of the Republic of Zambia and needs to be reminded.

“Dialogue starts with him, he’s got the powers. When has he ever called for a dialogue with fellow politicians? What is so harmful about calling for a dialogue? Other Presidents like late President Levy Mwanawasa have done it before,” Mr. Mulongoti said.

He charged that there was no point for the President to urge politicians to turn to God as a way of ending political violence, when he had not a taken serious step to end the vice.

He reiterated that the key to ending violence in Zambia lay in President Lungu’s hands as he had the authority to bring various political leaders together to strategize and instruct law enforcers to scale up efforts on political violence.

“How can God intervene when the house is not in order? Am a Christian and so is the President, he should know that first he should seek His kingdom, and the rest can follow. He should first take serious steps,” he said.

President Lungu appealed on Sunday at State House to political leaders to turn to God, stating that if politicians  surrendered themselves to Jesus Christ, there would be no violence in which cadres were wielding pangas and maiming each other on the basis of different political opinions.

One thought on “Lungu key to ending violence, says Mulongoti

  1. President Lungu has a lot of work to attend to. Mr. Mulongoti President for Rats should not always be dragging his Exellency into issues that can be best handled by the Police. The President has on several occasions said he does not want violence and the Police must not be biased in their course of duty. What else does Mr. Mulongoti want the President to say? Does he expect him to walk naked to prove his case. The President has gone public inviting every body who feels he has answers to make an appointment with him. Dialogue with with People Party president! my foot. Lekeni umunenu abombe imwe you time wasters.

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