What is this Media Liaison Committee?

I was going through that big Media Liaison Committee year review statement in the Post. Not surprizing.

It was loaded perhaps with what was carefully expected from a committee which was suspiciously formed without any meeting to elect office bearers.

It is all easy to guess who is behind this committee which appears to have been created purely to attack Government and the public media for whatever reasons.

For instance is it by bad luck that the committee failed to take the same statement to other media houses for publication?

Perhaps it was created by-the-powers-that-be to bring scorn on the government of the day.

But this is hardly necessary. All those who preach hate against the current Government should wait for 2016 so that they can elect ‘‘angels’’ to run the affairs of this country.

But I bet President Lungu will come out victorious because he is delivering to the people and it seems to me that God is on his side.

By the way, what are the qualifications for one to be a member of this committee?

I also feel that for it to be seen to be genuine it should have a national character if it has to be taken seriously.

David Moya