Why insult teachers and dare ACC

It’s very sad that when I wrote about the corruption allegations against top Professional Teachers Union of Zambia leaders, little attention was given to the gravity of the corruption I talked about by the union leaders.

 I am in shock that a Mr. Misween Phiri has dared the Anti-Corruption Commission in a way that he has fooled teachers and lots of us who are dismayed with the performance by Zambia Teachers Forum.

I am challenging the Ministry of Labour to tell the truth on the procedure when a union leader is alleged to have misapplied or stolen union funds.

I am also aware that the teachers countrywide will assemble on 31st December 2015 to petition the office of the Labour Commissioner to remove the three named union officials until they are cleared by the courts of law and police have been notified.

No amount of intimidation by these union leaders will deter teachers removing them because of their corrupt activities.

May the ACC also punish those who are shielding them at the Ministry of General Education and elsewhere?

The truth is there is something wrong with these union leaders.

Mulunda Konga