UNIP against plural politics

The fabric of democracy in Zambia has been ravaged since plural politics were reintroduced, UNIP Southern Province Chairperson Robert Mukengami has charged.

He said UNIP under President Kaunda upheld the tenets of good governance and championed the welfare of the citizens.

“There was more democracy than it is now because we were nationalists, we had love for this country, we put man at the centre. We said man is at the centre. We also realised that the only way the country can move is to put Zambia first,’’ Mr Mukengami said.

He expressed sadness that most of the current crop of politicians has joined the career for personal enhancement and selfish interests.

Mr Mukengami accused some political players of fanning political violence in the country because of their greedy appetite for power and as a ploy to conceal their plunder of the country’s meager resources.  Meanwhile, Mr Mukengami dispelled assertions by some sections of society suggesting that some people are still members of the first ruling party because of its wealth.

“Every UNIP party is a shareholder of its wealth, the accusation that people want to be in the party because of its wealth are liars and are only trying to weaken UNIP,’’ he explained.

Mr Mukengami said he critics peddling such misleading and malicious information about UNIP have nothing meaningful to talk about, adding that they have only realized that the members of the first Governing party are not political prostitutes.

He also said members of UNIP were loyal to the party and cannot be accused of campaigning for another party as it was common in other political parties.