Freedom of stupidity

No one can limit the freedom of expression of another person since our ability to express our thoughts and ideas is a basic right. However, freedom of expression does best when it is controlled by self-discipline, by deference and respect for others. And some of the media houses have some clever fools who because of freedom of expression have become champions of snapping, snarling and the use of foul language without any restraint whatsoever, and they have therefore become swollen-headed as the unchallenged heroes of sarcasm.

And to them some of the attributes of the ‘’freedom of speech’’ include ‘’freedom to offend’’ and ’’freedom of stupidity.’’ This is not actually stupidity in the classical sense, which is usually thought as of a very low IQ.

This kind of foolishness must be distinguished from the ‘’mental retardation.’’ And this kind of idiocy has been identified with inferiority complex arising mostly from highly questionable family background.

This kind of stupidity comes with the supposed access to public media, popularity, success or displaced ambition. And according to Robert Sternberg, the stupid expert, such stupid persons believe that because they are so smart; the world does and should revolve around them. They are gripped by the omniscience fallacy. They are convinced that they know more than everyone else and can influence public opinion to their advantage and that others are just big idiots whom they can easily manipulate.

And this article was authored by people with little intelligence and great foolishness because Bashilubemba and indeed myself can never be part and parcel to establish hegemony or ascendancy of the Tonga tribe over others.   And unfortunately, the worse part that this article has generated is confirmation of what other people fear if the Tonga were in power. There is a terrible distortion of facts that sets the Tonga far above other tribes, for example, Liso Mungoni and Nkumbula for ANC surrendered the Presidency to KK during the Choma declaration on merit to pave way for independence. This is far from truth. Mr. Harry Nkumbula was the President-General of Northern Rhodesia African National Congress, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda was the Secretary-General and Mr. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was the National Treasurer. Goodwin Mwangilwa wrote: ‘’On 24th October 1958, the crucial day that the conference sat, the young Congress men took Nkumbula to task for his accusations against Kaunda. Kapwepwe then broke with Nkumbula by announcing his resignation. He told Nkumbula, ‘I have discovered you cannot lead up to independence. I must step out. Mcpherson writes, ‘Between 15 and 20 fellows from Chipata, the North, the Central province and the Copperbelt rose and followed Kapwepwe. One hour after KK walked out with one or two more’.’’ (Kapwepwe Diaries).

And that was the end of Mr. Nkumbula’s journey to State House. Dr. Mbita Chitala in Not Yet Democracy wrote: ‘’In August 1971, Kapwepwe resigned as Vice-President and formed United Progressive Party (UPP). UPP posed the most serious threat to UNIP’s hegemony. And on 25th February 1972, Kaunda announced that the one-party state was essential to preserve unity. On 13 December 1972, Kaunda signed the legal documents that ushered in the Second Republic.’’

It was then that UNIP decided to absorb all the institutions into itself and that was how the Choma Declaration came to pass, it was the swallowing of ANC (a moderate party) into UNIP and Mr. Mungoni Liso was appointed a Member of the Central Committee. And there was no Chinsali Declaration because as Dr. Chitala pointed out, ‘’UPP posed the most serious threat to UNIP’s hegemony.’’ And on the issue of Mr. Davies Chama, I cannot see why we should jump on it at this point when it has died down and I totally refused to comment on it when it was fresh. In closing, I wish to express my deep disappointment for a group of disgruntled individuals to put the name of the Bemba Royal Royal Establishment and indeed myself into such embarrassing disrepute. And I also wish to emphasize that the distorted article has sent very wrong signals to many Bembas since it is a clear deliberate political gimmick to put a wedge between PF and the Bemba Royal Establishment, just coming out of deadly deadlock.

      Here are contents of what was termed BREAKING NEWS:


     Bashilubemba have distanced themselves from comments made by one PF Tribalist Davies Chama. The Royal Establishment wants to make it clear to all Zambians that if there is any tribe in the history of this country that sacrificed a lot for our independence are the Tonga people. They did not only sacrifice their wealth, over 10,000 heads of cattle were sold to buy air tickets to send Zambian delegation to London to meet the Queen to negotiate for independence. Liso Mungoni and Nkumbula for ANC surrendered the Presidency to KK during the Choma declaration on merit to pave way for independence.     ‘’Bane bushe takwaba abangalembako history ya independence yesu for our young generation to know,’’ the chief wondered.      We can’t take away anything from the Tonga people. Tongas have a justified reason to keep the democratic rights of this country in check to ensure their investments in our independence is worth while. We must value their contribution, lets face it, in the history of our country no tribe has been this United for one purpose as the Tonga people. Zambian democracy from Kaunda to Lungu has been kept in check by our Tonga brothers, deny it or accept it. We therefore request political parties such as the Patriotic front to settle there political scores without involving the Bemba people. Comments from Chama are uncivilized and can only come from unprogressive mind that want to take is in delirium. Young man we have come a long way, politicians can’t divide us.

    The clan is nothing more than a larger family with its patriarchal chief as the natural head and the union of several clans by intermarriage and voluntary connection constitutes the tribe no politician can break this bond, I have several Tongas married to Bembas and vice versa. Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to Earhings.

   There is only one superior tribe in Zambia, that’s the Zambian Human race which is blind to province, regionalism or colour. Emphasized CHITIMUKULU.

All the above is absolutely TOTAL NONSENSE- Paramount Chief Chitimukulu