George Mpombo’s pet hate of President Lungu

People’s Democratic Party leader George Mpombo sounds like an enormously rancorous man for very palpable reasons.

To many opposition leaders their revulsion and envy of President Lungu is well understood.

They have been marking time for many years in their cocoons while it took Lungu about two weeks to win State House.

That is why many of them if not all of them do not want him to continue as their President.

I am not sure which vista Mpombo is looking at, but there are chances that he may have been looking in the desert and President Lungu may just not be going.

Interestingly if President Lungu  does indeed go, where does Mpombo go or where does it leave him? In State House? My foot!

Perhaps I now know whose panorama is in a state of ruckus.

Surely, ba Mpombo, when President Lungu says he is ready to concede defeat (because he is a democrat) to you it means that the PF road had suddenly become slippery.

Sometimes people who have been to school have failed to impress me one way or another because of their lack of knowledge or understanding of some situations. Or maybe they are too radical for me to follow their arguments.

But of course I am also aware that for anyone to get publicity on the front page of the Post, all they need to do is insult President Lungu and his Government.

That is how cheap some issues can become.

I do not know when it will all end. Perhaps it is good to wait for next year when the masters, the Zambians, will decide who will be their leaders.

For Mpombo I do not know that sort of politics he is pushing and for what purpose, only time will tell.

Jay Kabemba