Stripped woman deserved it

She just invited her own problems, she started flashing a PF symbol towards the UPND convoy, and surely, what did she expect our boys to do? She provoked the situation, of all people in Town, why she was the only one attacked says former Chikankata District Commissioner Sylvester Simayaba.

Mr Simayaba who recently defected to the opposition United Party for National development (UPND) from Patriotic Front (PF) confirmed that the harassment against the PF woman in Mazabuka last Friday was instituted by the UPND but denied that she was stripped.

He said the UPND were moving from Mazabuka radio after the live interview of party vice president Canisius Banda omn their way to Garry Nkombo’s house when Ms Kangwa ran to them flashing her party symbol.

Mr Simayaba said it was then that the furious cadres pounced on her and got her Chitenge material from her

‘’ The woman was not stripped, she has always been a problem even to her own party, ask the PF why they suspended her. Her regalia was just taken from her after she ran from her shop to the UPND people in Mazabuka town who were in a convoy ’’ he said.

He explained that Ms Kangwa had always been troublesome and it was the reason that she was suspended from the ruling PF.

The former Chikankata DC explained that the UPND had never interrupted any PF meetings and they would not let them get in their way.

Mr Simayaba also explained that the ruling party should stop accusing his party of violence as it was them that were violent.

‘’ The PF should stop accusing the UPND of violence that we have not committed, it is them that are violent, even you journalists you are beaten by the PF, if you have not been beaten before then maybe you are sacred cows at daily nation,’ ’he said.

He said the PF had continued to propagate false information about the UPND and their leader Hakainde Hichilema.

‘’ It is sad that the PF had continued to tell lies about the UPND, recently they were claiming that HH phoned Chieftainess Simwenda, When she was put live on radio Mazabuka on Wednesday, she refused that she never talked to president HH, it’s a lie so those are then kind of lies the PF is capable of making,’’ Simayaba says.