Today’s text messages

Watch the USA GVT relationship with Post


It will be a mistake for the Government to ignore and disregard the visit of USA embassy officials to the Post. The Post is financially and morally embattled and there is every chance that the USA may try to find ways of funding the paper out of both predicaments to sustain the campaign against the Edgar Lungu Government. They have done it before and will not hesitate to do it again.

Sibewa Mukutu



Well done President Lungu  


The holding of the inter-denomination services at State House on Sunday December 27, 2015, is a  progressive move by President Edgar Lungu. The republication President has upheld the declaration of Zambia as a  Christian nation. He has been promoting unity  and peace among all Zambians through the One Zambia One Nation motto. During the services at State House, the Head of State said that as Christians, we should turn to God for guidance and not wishing him dead  or failure. Bishop Peter Ndhlovu of BIGOCA urged Lungu to continue preaching peace and unity.

Elemiya Phiri



ZESCO robbing customers


Allow me space in your newspaper  to complain about the humiliation Zesco has thrown on us as if load shedding is not enough. They have changed our residential tariffs to commercial tariffs. Example K30 was more than 90 units now it’s K30 for 16.5 units.

Pamesa Agreen- Lusaka


LCC lying on blocked 



I would like to comment on your story “Lusaka City Council explains flooding in Lusaka” (Nation 27th December, 2015)

The explanation given by LCC Public Relations Manger that flooding experienced in Lusaka is caused by optic and network underground cables is a blue lie. The flooding has been with us for many years long before optic and network cables were laid. The problem is that LCC has no capacity to deal with the flooding challenge in town. May be we need an investor to come and sort out the problem, otherwise the best solution is to privatize the councils especially Lusaka City Council; it has lamentably failed to manage the city properly.

KSL, Lusaka


Advice to LCC, Local Govt


My advice to local government and Zesco over street lights and street posts is that they should partner with insurance companies; like when we insure our vehicles, they add a minimum percentage of money for repairing bashed poles and sign posts. In that way we won’t have poles and signposts which have been bashed lying down for a long time.

Martin Lwamba.


Family tragedy


The demise of seven people of the same family in a road mishap last week is traumatizing. The  Mutwale family met their fate in Kapiri Mposhi on Sunday en route to Lusaka from Ndola where they had gone to attend a wedding. Mr Paddy Mutwale, 66, his wife and other family members died on the spot. The requiem service in honour of the deceased was held at Bread of Life Church International. The service was characterized by somber mood as some congregants shed tears. Church overseer Bishop Joe Imakando said death is inevitable and people should always be prepared.

E. P, Lusaka


 Gen Miyanda wins support


I join and support Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda’s petition to President Lungu not to assent to the Constitution Amendment Bill immediately. The vice president running mate  clause should be revisited and make some changes. It should give powers to the president to fire his or her vice when he or she misbehaves and does not want to obey the sitting president. It must also be mandatory that any political party taking a part in the election must have duly elected president and the vice president through their party’s convention or congress.