Tongas are not superior, says Chitimukulu

TONGA tribe political hegemony has been rejected by Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Chief Chitimukulu has said the Bashilubemba will never be part and parcel of a group of tribes wanting to establish  a Tonga tribe political hegemony.

He charged that there was a terrible distortion of facts that had set the Tonga tribe far above other tribes in the country.

Chief Chitimukulu has denied having made a statement denouncing Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama over alleged tribal remarks which were sparked by a recording in which it was alleged that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had lambasted some Tonga chiefs for welcoming and interacting with Mr Chama in Bemba.

The Chitimukulu said the Bashilubemba said it was because of Tonga political hegemony being established that many feared what would happen if the Tonga were to be in power.

Some online publication on Tuesday published a story in which the unknown author claimed that the Bashilubemba had distanced themselves from comments by “one PF tribalist” Davis Chama but the Chitimukulu yesterday reacted angrily to the article charging that the story was total nonsense authored by people with little intelligence and great foolishness.

In his disclaimer captioned “freedom of stupidity”, the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu stated that while no one could limit the freedom of expression of another person, some media houses had some clever fools who were using freedom of expression to champion snapping, snarling and the use of foul language without any form of restraint.

The Bashilubemba said some media houses had become swollen-headed because they had grown into unchallenged heroes of sarcasm and that according to such media houses, freedom of speech included freedom to offend and what he termed freedom of stupidity.

In the article in question it was reported that that the Bemba Royal Establishment wanted to make it clear to all Zambians that if there is any tribe in the history of the country that had sacrificed a lot for independence, it was the Tonga people.

It was also claimed that the Bashilubemba had said that the Bemba could not take away anything from the Tonga as they had a justified reason to keep the democratic rights of Zambia in check to ensure independence investment worthwhile.

“The above is absolutely total nonsense, and this article was authored by people with little intelligence and great foolishness because Bashilubemba and indeed myself can never be part and parcel to establish hegemony or ascendancy of the Tonga tribe over others. There is a terrible distortion of facts that sets the Tonga far above other tribes,” Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said.