Tribal tension worries church, says bishop

NORTHMEAD Assemblies of God Overseer Bishop Joshua Banda says the church will never go to sleep until One Zambia One Nation motto is attained as the country goes to the polls next year.

And National Revolution Party (NRP) president Dr. Cosmas Mumba has said there will be bloodshed in the 2016 general elections if politicians continued to issue tribal-based remarks against each other.

Bishop Banda reiterated that the Church would continue to condemn any statement by politicians aimed at bringing disunity and contradicted the One Zambia one Nation slogan.

He said Zambia was a Christian nation, saying one of the virtues of Christianity was oneness regardless of one’s ethnic background.

“As the Church we will continue talking and condemning such statements and make sure that politicians give right statements that would not interfere with the One Zambia, One Nation motto,” Bishop Banda.

He bemoaned the continued tribally-based statements among politicians.

He said the motto of One Zambia One Nation could only be attained if politicians preached love and oneness towards each other regardless of their ethnic background.

“The One Zambia One Nation is only attainable if politicians lead by example by uniting and loving each other, the Christian message is about loving one another regardless of ethnicity because we are one in God,” he said.

According to him, such remarks were dangerous as they were perpetuating political violence.

“It is sad to note that in last few years political leaders from both the ruling and opposition parties had continued to attack each other and issue statements based on tribal affiliation.

“There have been overtones particularly coming through political leaders in both ruling and opposition that have been reported as having insinuated tribalism; this is really becoming a concern to the church and Zambia as Christian nation; this is causing violence,” Bishop Banda said.

Bishop Banda also predicted that the forthcoming general elections will be peaceful, saying that Zambians were peaceful people and will ensure that peace prevails in the country.

“In my heart of hearts there is this faith and anticipation that we are likely to see the most successful and peaceful election in 2016 because that is what we are praying for. Zambians are peaceful,” he said.

But Dr. Mumba said the country was likely to experience bloodshed if serious measures were not put in place to eliminate tribalism among politicians.

“I foresee bloodshed if nothing is done about the continued attacks among politicians based on tribal affiliation,” Dr. Mumba said.

He called on President Edgar Lungu to call for a meeting of  opposition political leaders to strategize ways of promoting One Zambia One Nation in the political arena.

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