Word of caution to PROTUZ members and the public

I wish to ask for a bit of space in your paper to give a word of caution to all PROTUZ members who may have been misled by a man posing as Mr Mulonda Konga who has been commenting on the union affairs.

The leadership of PROTUZ is not moved by his machinations and desperation to gain sympathy from some few unsuspecting members of this vibrant union or the public.

Zambia being a democratic nation allows anyone who has evidence of corrupt practices in any organization to come forward and report such to Anti-Corruption Commission.

The ACC or indeed the police do not receive reports through the media.

This is a sign of being malicious and the public is hereby cautioned not to be enticed in this scam where Government ministries and departments are being called names by disgruntled and undisciplined individuals who have nothing to offer but to cause anarchy. PROTUZ was founded on values and principles based on law and order. The members of this union are aware of the procedures and channels of communication adopted by all the leadership structures.

So let Mulonda paddle his own canoe while the union leadership remains focused on more productive issues.


General Secretary, PROTUZ