TWO official insurance discs for motorists to stick on their vehicles have been authorised and are already in circulation, says Insurance Association of Zambia (IAZ) executive director Christabel Banda.

Ms Banda said therefore that motorists had been given up to February 1 to stick the discs on the screens of their vehicles as proof of insurance.

Ms Banda said the insurance discs were already in circulation and they were being given out by insurance companies.

She explained that among the two authorised discs, one was locally printed while the other one with enhanced security features was imported.

“What is happening is that if somebody wants to buy insurance, apart from getting insurance certificates, they are also given the discs to stick on the screen.

“There are two types; one is locally made and the other is imported and the imported one has more enhanced security features but even the local one too has security features,” she said.

Ms Banda said the association was coordinating the procurement of the discs and later hand them over to insurance companies.

“The discs are already in circulation and insurance companies are giving them out.

“The discs that are being printed by two suppliers are all coming through the association, if you notice on the SI 33, it already had the template of how a disc should look like,” she said.

She also said motorists had been given up to February 1 to stick their proof of insurance on their screens.

“The grace period that has been given is just for the sticking of discs on the screen and sticking of proof of insurance is to be completed  by  February 1,” she said.

Ms Banda urged motorists with running insurance to visit their insurance companies and get replacements for authorised discs.

“There are some people that have insurance that are running beyond February 1; they still need to go back to their insurance companies to get replacements for authorised discs.

And IAZ president Shipango Muteto emphasised that there would be only two authorised insurance discs in circulation for ease of enforcement of the law.

Mr Muteto said the new SI 33 would assist in reducing the number of uninsured vehicles on Zambian roads, which he said were in excess of 60 percent.

“All the 21 general insurance companies in Zambia  will only be issuing one of the two uniform discs so that the law can be enforced easily,” he said.

On July 2, 2015 Minister of Works Yamfwa Mukanga officially launched the Statutory Instrument Number 33 for mandatory display of insurance discs on all motor vehicles as a way of compelling motorists to insure their vehicles.

Mr Mukanga expressed hope that the implementation of the new SI 33 would see the insurance sector increase its contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) from the current less than 2 percent to 10 percent.

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