SINAZONGWE Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene should not cheat himself that he can win an election in his current constituency if he stood under the PF ticket because he has no following and was riding on the UPND’s popularity, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said.

Reacting to Mr. Siamunene’s comment that he was willing to stand under the Patriotic Front (PF) in Sinazongwe if he was adopted by the PF, Mr. Kakoma said Mr. Siamunene was free to lobby for the adoption from the PF but should bear in mind that his political career had come to an end.

He said Mr. Siamunene was living an illusion to think that he had the political stamina to win under a different party because it was the UPND that made him what he was today and that the UPND was ready to meet him in Sinazongwe.

He wondered why Mr. Siamunene failed to win votes for the PF in the 2015 presidential by-elections if it was true that he had a huge following in the area.

He said whatever Mr. Siamunene had achieved politically was as a result of the strength of the UPND, adding that the party was not worried about Mr. Siamunene’s tantrums because the strength of the party would win votes for whoever will be adopted.

“What popularity is he talking about? He does not have any following in Sinazongwe and he even knows it himself that he won the seat because of the popularity of the UPND in the area. Let him just work hard and lobby for adoption by the PF but we shall meet him there and beat him. His political career has grounded to a halt because he will lose.

“If he claims that he has any following, why did he fail to win votes for the PF in January last year? Let him just wait for the elections. Actually we want him to be adopted by the PF so that we beat him. He is not our member because we discarded him a long time ago. So, he is free to be adopted by any other party,” Mr. Kakoma said.

On Wednesday, Mr. Siamunene told reporters in Choma that he would apply to recontest his seat under the PF if the party will adopt him.

Mr Siamunene was optimistic of winning because of what he had done for the people in the area from the time he accepted to work with the PF government.

He said he had worked well with President Edgar Lungu and that if the party thought that he could add value to the area, he was more than willing to battle it out with the UPND in its own backyard.

Mr Siamunene said he had done a lot for the people of Sinazongwe and was optimistic that they would give him a chance to continue with developmental projects which the PF government had embarked on in the area such as sinking of boreholes and working on the road network.

He said the PF was a formidable party under the leadership of President Lungu, whom he said was not only a mere politician but a statesman who had the needs of Zambians at heart and was working hard to ensure that the country continued with its developmental agenda.

He said the mentality among people in parties such as UPND in the Southern Province where people were jostling for power on the basis of the party’s popularity in the area was retrogressive as it robbed people of quality leadership.