Political regalia in markets and bus stations worry residents

Despite the warning from the Zambia Police against displaying political party regalia, cadres from both the ruling and opposition political parties in Lusaka have continued to mount them indiscriminately in public places such as highways, markets and bus stations.

Late last year, Charity Katanga, by then Lusaka Province commissioner of police, had warned political parties to desist from mounting party regalia in the city.

Residents said they were highly concerned about the situation and appealed to the relevant authorities to act quickly and pull down all political party regalia in the city. Mr Bupe Kasonde of Matero said he was concerned by the political party regalia being displayed in the city. Mr. Kasonde said if such activities were left unchecked they would have a negative impact on the peace that Zambia was currently enjoying. “Party regalia are now all over; it’s like cadres are now free to do whatever they like and there is nothing anybody can do about it. If this issue is not addressed quickly, it will bring confusion and it will be a recipe for anarchy because if all parties continue doing that there will be clashes as we approach the elections in August,” he said.

Another resident, Melissa Lombe, appealed to the Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ) to give direction on the matter as Zambia was not yet in a campaign period. “Campaigns for the general elections have not yet started so it is only the ECZ that can do more about such activities,” she said.

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