Wedding ceremonies behind noise pollution

SOME concerned residents of Lusaka have appealed to the Lusaka City Council to ban holding of weddings, engagement and bridal shower ceremonies in residential areas to curb noise pollution.

Residents observed that many houses in residential areas were being turned into centres for public ceremonies.

Ms Betty Siame of Woodlands lamented about the noise that came from bridal shower ceremonies that were held within her neighbourhood.

Ms. Siame said it was sad that people had now stopped to consider their neighbours before thinking of holding such boisterous functions.

“People now don’t care anymore about others when holding such noisy functions; in my area almost every weekend bridal showers are being held in homes.

“It gets too noisy that you can’t do anything, because usually the music is played loudly with people cheering,” she said.

Another resident of PHI, Mr Moses Kalwila, appealed to the LCC to consider banning holding of such events in residential areas.

Mr. Kalwila noted that it was the mandate of the council to ensure that all the residents lived in a peaceful and orderly manner.

“The council should intervene as soon as possible because this type of noise pollution is getting out of hand; I believe it is their duty to ensure that everyone in the city lived peacefully, holding of such events in residential areas must be banned,” Mr. Kalwila said.

He reiterated that the council should take stiff action against those providing their homes as venues for such events.

He said the city belonged to all and therefore it was important to maintain peace and avoid disturbing other citizens.