THE UNITED Party for National Development will lead Zambia one day, but not after the August 11, 2016 general elections, says inter-denomination Jesus Pentecost Church for all Nations senior prophet Bernard Mwanza.

He said Zambian politicians must begin to accept reality that God ordains people in leadership including who becomes president.

Prophet Mwanza said God allowed President Edgar Lungu to be Head of State and that those instigating violence must know that they were doomed to fail.

“UPND will rule Zambia one day, but not this time under Hakainde Hichilema, because he has not allowed them to govern yet.

“I have just come from my 40 days prayer-and-fasting in the mountains, and God has revealed to me that there is a plan to bring confusion during the August 11, 2016 general elections, but I would like to tell everybody that nothing will happen as long as Zambia remains a Christian nation and God is in control,” he said.

Prophet Mwanza was speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation to assure the nation that there will be peace in the country during and after the August general elections.

He said President Lungu must call for a day of prayers and fasting on the 10th August 2016 to pave way for peaceful elections on election day and called on all Christians to be prayerful in order to deliver Zambia peacefully after the elections.

He called on all Zambians to brace themselves for a rerun in the coming elections as it would not be possible for a presidential candidate to win with a 50 percent plus vote in first round voting.

Prophet Mwanza was commenting on the specs of violence which have rocked the political arena leading to the August 11, 2016 general elections.




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5 Responses to “UPND will lead Zambia but…”

  1. President says:

    Lets pray for peace, love and unity

  2. wamoyo says:

    Late God Rule.

  3. njobvu says:

    Rubbish corrupt prophet,just go & eat at state house

  4. monica mwanza says:


  5. Gerald Ngwira says:

    Men of God should be peace makers. you show political inclination and expect people to keep quiet. 811 zambians will decide who rules. the simple helpless citizens will be the masters on that day 811. as for a prophet your role is to advocate for peace and intercede for our economic situation in the country.


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